June 11, 2015 -- Drs. Rachna Minocha and Rick Mckenney have been great supporters of Amherst.  In 2014 they, along with their hard working organizing committee, decided to take things a step further by organizing an annual Valentine Run in an effort to support local running/health promotion throughout the year. 

In both 2014 and again in 2015, ARHS was awarded a $500 grant to help promote sports.  This money is awarded to youth who wish to be involved with sport but may be having some financial difficulty.  All ARHS youth who may have a financial need are encouraged to speak with your coach, the Athletic Director or an administrator in the office.  Never say never.  There is help available. 

ARHS thanks the Valentine Run Coordinating committee and all of the volunteers (ARHS youth and staff included) who helped make the run possible.  Your time, energy and talent has created something quite special in our community.  Thank you for thinking of us.